Combined Corrosion Inhibitor

Combined Corrosion Inhibitor
Combined Corrosion Inhibitor
Product Description
Benefits :
  • Convenient and user-friendly to applicator and end user
  • Cost Effective-reduces operations and saves costly time and labor
  • Eliminates disposal costs
  • Eliminates requirements of other rust preventive oils and labor
  • Gives short term and long term protection
  • Industry proven track record
  • Multi-functional products
  • Multi-metal Protection from tiny electronic devices to large equipment
  • Safe for Personnel and Environment
  • Total corrosion control from raw materials to final user in variety of industries.
Specification :


Brief Description

Application Areas


VpCI 329

Vapour Phase Corrosion inhibiting liquid in oil base.

As an additive to Lubricants, hydraulic gear oils to enhance their corrosion inhibiting properties. To protect vehicle fuel tanks, gear boxes and closed-loop lubricating & oil systems

Protection up to 24 months indoors. Three phase action protects submerged and exposed areas.

VpCI 347

Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor / heavy duty lubricant concentrate for metal working operations.

In-plant machine coolant. protection of hot rolled, cold rolled galvanised & aluminided steel and parts during WIP, storage and shipment.

Protects ferrous and non metals. Safe friendly and weldable product. Can be diluted to suit with DM water.

VpCI 368

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor in solvent base, for outdoor multimetal protection.

For protection of machined components, forgings, crankshafts, casting, chains, valves, turbine parts, etc.

Dry, waxy film protects up to 24 months even under outdoor conditions. Also available in aerosol version.

VpCI 369

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor in oil base, for outdoor multimetal protection.

As an edge spray for cold rolled coils and sheets and formed sheet metal parts, pistons, cylinders, machinery, etc. Also as an additive to oil.

Tacky translucent film protects up to 24 months even under sheltered outdoor conditions. Gives good lubricity for moving ans sliding surfaces. Also available in aerosol version.

VpCI 377

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitor in water base, for indoor Application.

For protection of casting, pumps, vessels, forgings, etc. where oil based coating are not desirable. Also as an additive to water.

Clear dry film protects up to 24 months indoors. No. housekeeping and cleaning problems associated with oils. Also available in aerosol version.

VpCI 386

Water based acrylic coating for outdoor /sheltered applications.

For protection vessels, tanks, cranes, excavating and drilling equipments, structural steel members and battery terminals.

Clear dry hard & glossy film protects Ferrous materials and Aluminum up to 18 months.

VpCI 388

Waterborne corrosion inhibitor in water base, for indoor Applications.

For protection of parts, machined and painted surfaces and equipments during storage and shipping.

Dilutable with DM water. Film and dry film. To be applied by spray, brush, roll or dip,. Protect up to 24 months indoors.

VpCI 389

Waterborne coating for outdoor and indoor protection.

Parts storage, overseas shipping work-in-progress protection and equipment lay-up.

Safe and environmentally friendly product that protects multimetal for a period of up 24 months. Water reducible and hence economical. Also available in aerosol version.

VpCI 419

Water base Heavy Duty Cleaner - Degreaser concentrate.

Cleans oil, grease, dirt and hydrocarbon deposits. Dilutable up to 1:20 with water.

Used via dipping tanks, cleaning equipments, washing and spraying systems.

VpCI 422/ VpCI423

Excellent rust remover in liquid and gel forms, respectively

Removes rust from ferrous and non ferrous metals, parts, metal stock, machinery, equipment, vehicles, structures, etc.

Organic, biodegradable, safe and friendly. Also available in aerosol version.

VpCI 609

Vapor phase corrosion inhibitor in powder (water-soluble) form for indoor enclosed applications.

For dry / wet protection of components, equipments internals and recessed areas, cavities and voids that can be covered or closed after application.

Protects up to 24 months. Three phase action protects even in the presence of water.

VpCI 1238

Additive to vapor degreasing and solvent-degreasing, cleaning and stripping baths.

Can be used with all conventional systems for vapor as well as solvent cleaning and degreasing.

Also protects both ferrous and non ferrous metal for short period. Surfaces can be coated or coated or painted without removing the protective of water.

ElectriCorr VpCI 239 / ElectriCorr VpCI 238

Multifunctional cleaner cum protector of electrical andelectrical circuits devices under outdoor and indoor conditions, respectively

Electrical and electronic devices, PCBs, relays, contacts, circuits, motors, generators, junction boxes etc.

Safe on plastics, elastomers and non metallics. Does not alter the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal substrates.


Additive package to water and water treatment formulations

Additive to hydro test water. Helps to preserve internal surfaces of idle equipments such as boilers. Protects ferrous & non-ferrous metals form corrosion & pitting.

Effective even at low dosage, starting from 0.5% very cost-effective.

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